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Welcome to mngu0

 mngu0 corpus

Welcome to the home of the mngu0 data set.  

This is a corpus of articulatory data of different forms (EMA, MRI, video, 3D scans of upper/lower jaw, audio etc.) acquired from one male British English speaker.

The purpose of this website is:

  1. To distribute the data (in a variety of forms and parameterisations)
  2. To provide a repository and forum for research work which makes use of this data
The first part of this corpus to be released is a large set of utterances recorded by a male British English speaker in a Carstens AG500 Electromagnetic Articulograph.
More details can be found in the initial announcement paper for mngu0, which appeared at the Interspeech 2011 conference.
In order to gain access to the mngu0 data and other related resources, it is necessary to register as a user of this website, using the "register" tab above.
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